Air Freight

We offer a variety of reliable and customized air services courier, P.O. Box, cargo consolidation, airport to airport, door to door, and flight charter, among others.

Ocean Freight

We have ocean freight services such as full container load (FCL) or consolidated cargo (LCL), we work with the best shipping lines worldwide, we handle any type of container either dry or reefer, and ocean freight service for special projects and hazardous cargo.

Overland Freight

From Mexico to Panama we transport your cargo in full truck load (FTL) or consolidated cargo (LTL), as well as land deliveries from the main ports to Guatemala City or any final destination. All of our units are equipped with a GPS satelite system, to guarantee the safety of your product.

Customs Clearance

We keep our customers informed and updated on customs legislation and other regulations that govern the entry and exit of goods into and out of the national territory. We have an external service of lawyers, accountants, customs brokers, and other industry professionals and specialized advisors.


We transport your purchase orders from the U.S. to Guatemala City. We offer the service of reception and sorting of cargo in our warehouse in Doral, Florida, United States.

Warehousing and Local Distribution

We have a Distribution Center, we assemble orders according to the specific needs of our customers. We achieve a safe, efficient, and timely distribution of products.

Cargo Insurance

We have international insurance, we guarantee the losses or damages that your goods may suffer in transit either from port to port or from door to door.

Special Projects

We transport from a pin to an elephant! We have an exclusive department for handling oversized cargo from the port/airport to the final destination. We knowledge the traffic laws, permits, and schedules for the suitable transportation of your goods.

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